In this page I have included works I have done throughout my career. I trained as a textile designer doing printed textiles, but after leaving art school I didn't have the facilities to continue printing fabric, so I started doing some embroidery, and knitting before moving onto patchwork and quilting. I still have phases of doing all these things but I tend to concentrate on patchwork and quilting.


Saturday Market - This wall panel was designed and made for The Speyside Quilters Mini Mystery Quilt Project. The members got the instructions in instalments over four months to complete the quilt.
The wall hanging involves appliqué, piecing and embellishment. Its machine quilted. The instructions were then published in the magazine "Popular Patchwork"
Size W45 ½ x H33 ½ or W116cm x H85cm.
When:- 2007

The Wedding Quilt - This was the first of three quilts I was commissioned. It was hand appliquéd and machine pieced. The centre panel had the initials and wedding dates. Surrounding this is a clematis border. The next border, which is set on point, is a mixture of hearts and kisses. The four corners show two bouquets of flowers, a basket of flowers and a horseshoe with flowers. Each of these have wedding rings underneath. The corners are cut off so that when it is on the bed it just touches the floor. It is machine quilted.
Size :- W100" x H100"
When :- 1998

This cushion shows two of my favourites, tie-dye and mola. There are some techniques you keep coming back to.
Size W16" x H 14"
When:- Mid 1990's

Summer Amish - This wall hanging has its origins in Amish quilts, but I appliquéd the sunflower in the centre panel and repeated this image in the border. I used thicker thread for the quilting to have it more obvious like Sashiko quilting.
Size W 29" x H 29"
When:- 1997


Homeland - I have designed some landscape panels in connection with Speyside Quilters and but I never had one for myself. So I made this one with the intention of keeping it, then I ended up selling it to a friend. It is a general Scottish landscape of nowhere in particular. I also like deer, hence the deer's head. It is machine appliquéd and machine quilted and has some dissolvable fabric stitching embellished onto it.
Size :- W44" x H32" approx.
When :- October 2004

Passion for Hundertwasser - This wall hanging combines two things that interest me. I was growing Passion flowers from seed and they successfully flowered. From this I photographed the flowers and transferred the image onto fabric using my computer. I then used the printed fabric in the wall hanging. My second inspiration is the work of Hundertwasser. I feel many of his paintings lend themselves to embroidery and quilting, with their linear patterns. I have used this style in this panel. This wall hanging is the first in a series, where I have created a type of crazy patchwork base and then applied cords and thread in a linear way. I have also emphasised this with quilting. It is also embellished with sequins and buttons. I teach this method as a workshop. This was commissioned by the Moray Arts as one of there raffle prizes.
Size :- W18" x H22"

When :- 2004


Garden Delights - This is my most recent commission and is a rural Scottish landscape combined with a garden scene. It is machine appliqué and machine quilted. The foreground has slightly raised flowers in a variety of techniques. It is embellished with hand embroidery, (birds, gate and flowers), and includes buttons and beading.
Size W44" x H32"
When :- October 2005

Waistcoat- I have made a few waistcoats and this was the first in this style. It is crazy patchwork bonded onto a background then covered with net in this case. It is then machine decorated.
When:-Maybe early 1990's

{ Water Garden - This panel was made for one of the suitcase exhibitions by the Quilters Guild of the British Isles. It is a photographic collage transfer with and hand painted panels, and is machine quilted.
Size W23 ½" x H23 ¼"

Yellow Room Quilt - This was a joint effort with my husband. He drew out the design and I then had to make it up. It was made in quite a heavy cotton twill and used some curtain fabric we had at the time.
Size W96" x H96"
When:- 1982

Fast Flow - Machine appliqué and pieced. Machine and hand embellished.
I have a pond in my garden that has been a source of inspiration for me in the past. In this work I was interested in Koi carp and the type of pond they live in.
Size W 25" x L 20 ½" or W 63.5cm x 52cm.
When:- 2004
Fish Pond - Hand and machine appliqué and quilting.
Embellished with embroidery and beads.
Purchased By Mr & Mrs A Wright
Size W 25 1/2" x H 35 " or W 65cm x H89 cm.
When:- 2005
Ruby Wedding Quilt - Quilt commissioned to commemorate a ruby wedding.
Appliquéd, pieced and quilted by machine.
Size double bed.
When:- 2000